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Glass, in particular, is all around us and decorates our lives it gives us a view on the world. Therefore, You are looking through it as we speak. Staring at it in our hand, or looking at a big TV screen full of it. It is truly one of the most ubiquitous things in our world. Therefore it’s important what are glass looks like. The glass on your phone will be specifically selected to look a certain way. The glasses on your head, say a lot about you. Since they are either they stylish, nerdy, sophisticated, intelligent, serious, fun and playful?. Glass and the way we customize it says a tremendous amount about us. Glass comes in literally hundreds of forms, and then be formed hundreds of ways. It is the way we view the world, quite literally. We see the world 98% of the time … though Glass. Windshield time, home, work and play… glass literally frames our lives.  Antiquing, frame-less, customized, hand railings, and even 24 hour glass repair.


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